Tianjin Sunke Digital control technology Co. Ltd.

We are a professional hightech company that develops, manufactures, and sells resistance welding controls, welding transformers and laser products. We also provide technical services to our valued customers. We have been in the resistance welding business for over 20 years. With over twenty years of history and experiences, we have established a solid knowledge in resistance welding power supplies and related technologies. We are dedicated to provide our customers with the best solutions for their resistance welding needs. We work very closely with our partners to help us to improve our ability to make professional and innovative products.

·1994 – first SUN series AC resistance welding controls were developed

·1999 – first resistance weld control network was developed

·2004 – Obtained ISO9001 from TUV

·2006 – Developed SMF1 series MFDC (1KHZ) resistance welding controls

·2008 – SMF1 passed tests from third party – RES lab

·2008 – Developed SVF1 MFAC weld controls

·2009 – “Intelligent MFDC weld controls for robotic weld applications” was listed in Tianjin High-tech technology and commercialization program

·2009 – Was certified to be a Chinese national high-tech company
·2011 – Developed SMF2 series MFDC Adaptive weld controls
·2013 – Developed SK-Network V1.0 Resistance Online Monitor/Management network system
·2014 –Developed MFAC Adaptive weld controls
·2015 – Developed MFAC/MFDC weld controls for micro welding applications
·2016 – Developed MFDC/MFAC/10KHZ-MFDC three in one weld controls

·2017 – New MFAC aluminum welding solution “100+ Spots without Dressing”

·2018 – Developed SK-Network V2.0 Resistance welding spot quality judgment Management network system with GM

·2019 – Developed Laser power supply management system