SMF7/SVF7 Series resistance weld control:

According to the requirement of different industrial users, SUNKE launched new product: 7 series resistance weld control.

· The structure is more flexible. When matching with the welding machine, the users can choose left hanging or right hanging.

· With the touch screen integrated on the control panel, HMI is easy to operation.

· Function buttons, such as”Emergency Stop”, ”Weld/ No Weld ” are integrated on the control panel, users can use that conveniently.

Special weld control for aluminum welding:

In view of the problem that electrode adhesion in aluminum welding, SUNKE developed special weld control for aluminum welding.

· Apply SUNKE patented technology, commutator pulse to control the current waveform.

· During the welding process, the guns anode and cathode are heated alternately, so the life of the electrode can increase by one time.

· Weld current can rise rapidly, max weld current can reach 50KA.

Precision welding machine:

Welding current is small, control accuracy is accurate, suitable for welding in the following occasions:

· new energy vehicle battery pack

· jewelry

· medical field

· microelectronics

SK-Network V2.0: SUNKE welding quality online monitoring system

SUNKE welding quality online monitoring system is based on the premise of programming parameters, collecting and analyzing welding data, collecting and analyzing equipment status, binding external information. It can position the welding spot, binding weld data, report welding quality. Through this system, it can effectively improve the efficiency of process parameters, welding quality management level, and guide the weld engineer to control the welding quality.

This system accesses the field network. Then binds, analyzes, processes the vehicle code, welding data, process graphics, welding pressure and other information. Finally stores them in the database to provide data basis for later statistical reports.